Jacob Kaestel-Hansen

Jacob Kaestel-Hansen
Graduate Student
Warren Alpert Building, Room 138
Jacob.Kaestel-Hansen [at] childrens.harvard.edu
Current Projects

My research interest lies at the interface of single particle analysis, advanced fluorescence microscopy, nanobiology and artificial intelligence and aims to quantitatively interrogate nanoscale biology as it happens.
While single particle experiments using 3D live-cell lattice light-sheet microscopy (LLSM) or live-cell 2D spinning disk confocal microscopy allow direct observation of biomolecules with nanometer spatial resolution with millisecond to second temporal resolution the subsequent quantification and extraction of biological insights is not trivial due to the wealth of information and the inherent heterogeneity of biological systems.
My research aims at using deep learning and biophysical modelling to extract and discover otherwise hidden biological mechanisms within virus internalization, drug uptake and endocytosis in an automated and agnostic manner.

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