Mithun Pasham, M.S.

Mithun Pasham
Research Laboratory Supervisor
Warren Alpert Building, Room 138
Mithun.Pasham [at]
Current Projects

Clathrin-mediated endocytosis coordinates cargo-capture and coat growth, membrane budding and pinching and the removal of clathrin coat. There are several proteins involved in this mechanism and the protein I am most interested is Huntingtin-interacting protein 1-related protein HIP1R, identified as a link to the growing coated pit to the actin cytoskeleton. As a part of this study I am trying to determine the dynamics of this protein recruitment to the coated pits both during normal and tensed membrane conditions. I use live-cell imaging approach (TIRF microscopy, spinning disc confocal microscopy and 3D lattice light sheet microscopy) with single-molecule sensitivity and high temporal resolution in-order to reach at certain conclusions.

Alumni Graduation Year
Alumni Present Position

Field Application Specialist at Celsee, Inc., Boston, MA