Gustavo Scanavachi Moreira Campos, Ph.D.

Gustavo Scanavachi Moreira Campos
Postdoctoral Fellow
Warren Alpert Building, Room 138
Gustavo.ScanavachiMoreiraCampos [at]
Current Projects

I am working in the assemble and maintenance of the next generation Adaptive Optics (AO) Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope (LLSM), incorporated in MOSAIC ( These next generation AO-LLSM enables the live imaging at high spatio-temporal resolution of biological relevant samples while compensates image distortions. I am also working in the optimization and maintenance of the first LLSM generation.


Further, I am developing a project in Cell Biology: Study Mechanisms of Notch Signaling. Notch signaling exerts a critical influence on cell differentiation in all metazoans and its deregulation is associated with the pathogenesis of various human cancers. Binding of Notch by a ligand (e.g., Delta) leads, under suitable circumstances (thought to require "pulling" on the ligand by endocytosis when the ligand is on a contacting cell), to proteolysis of Notch and subsequent translocation of the cytosolic portion of Notch to the nucleus, where it participates in activation of target genes.